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At Dacus Baptist Church we are striving together to live in an “Abiding Relationship” with our Lord Jesus Christ.  We invite you to consider visiting us as we seek to Glorify God in all we do.  


We accept accountability for the precious gift of Salvation, and intentionally find and cultivate new relationships with the multitudes in our community.  Jesus looked with compassion at the multitudes, while pouring His life into the disciples, with the intention of producing spiritual fruit to the Glory of God the Father!

Instructed by the Bible and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Student Ministry

Our Youth Leadership reaches out to those youth who are looking for a small but intense youth group.  Giving a strong focus on the growth of our youth during the time in their lives when they are the most vunuarable.  This ministry strives to reach to those youth who need a more supportive environment.

Adult Life Groups

Life Groups are a place of connection, transformation, and mission. We seek to stimulate growth in our relationship with the Lord Jesus through studying the Scriptures within a circle of intentional relationships. Together, we become people who love God and love others with all that we are. 

Children's Ministry

Children's ministry are geared toward and focused to those who have been given to our care. Special programs and education are planned and presented to support the family in Christian development. Our curriculum is designed to minister to the whole family, providing the family opportunities to grow together in Christ.

Family Ministry

At Dacus, families are our core.  We want to engage the whole family in service to His people while we serve the whole family.  This ministry will focus on Christian education and growth.

Image by Sarah Noltner
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